Graduate students: We are always looking for outstanding graduate students in the areas of computer architecture, compilers, and design automation. Interested students should send me an email (mahlke at with your resume and a short description of your background and interests .

Note: we get tons of form letters from students (e.g., identical emails that start with "Dear sir" that are sent to 100's of professors). We consider these SPAM and do not read them. Please add to the subject of your email the group name, CCCP. This will tell me that you've read the webpage and you have at least done some homework.

Background: Strong programming and debugging skills in C/C++ , some experience with large software systems; background in computer architecture (knowledge of VLIW or embedded processor architectures is helpful); basic knowledge of compilers (any prior experience related to the compiler backend, analysis and optimization, is great, but not required).

Other info:

Undergraduate students: We like to encourage undergraduates to get involved with research, especially if they intend to go to graduate school. We work with a small number of excellent undergraduate students each semester. Students should be strong C++ programmers (EECS 281), knowledge of computer architecture (EECS 370, 470 is better but not required), and have a basic familiarity with compilers (if you have had EECS 483 or 583 that is great, but not necessary). Interested students should send me an email (mahlke at or drop by 4633 CSE Bldg.

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